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Custom Web Development Vs Website Template-Why Go for the Custom Web Development Option


The process of designing and developing a website is a lot easier as compared to what is used to be before, say like some ten years before.



Choosing squarespace app template for your needs can be so daunting. With so many templates out there, choosing the best one can be such a challenge. By and large, this is quite normal, the overwhelming feeling of frustration and inability to make a choice when it comes to your website templates.


In as much as a number pf the Wix sign in builders and ecommerce platforms will offer so much when it comes to the deign options for you to choose from and some even offer some premium features that you may pay for, knowing which one to go for can be so overwhelming more so for you who doesn’t have such a keen eye on design.


But the good news is that as daunting as this may be, it can be simplified. In this post, we have created a list of some of the things that you should look into as you go about the choice of a website design template to help you develop your website. The criteria goes around the need to look at the content width design, the Home Page Header design and the design of the menu bar. Read more and see more as we expound on these below.


The first thing we should look at is how to choose the content width for your website. Generally, for the creative and contemporary designs, the full width content design will work well. And for the contemporary and business oriented designs, the boxed width content area will do just well. By full width area, we mean such a design that allows the background image to stretch the full length of your computer screen. It I one that gives such a feeling that the content on the site has no boundaries. The opposite is the case for the boxed area content area. This is where there is some margin to the area where the content will be in on your site. It will often see your content kind of restricted within some frame on the screen. Full width content area is the more popular alternative as compared to the boxed area content area design. But the boxed content area design is more of a professional one and contemporary. Be sure to watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKpawI20e9Q for more info about web design.